WK 15- Art Activity- Finger Painting

This week’s activity was finger painting, YAY! I haven’t done that in well since I was a little girl. Overall, I felt like this activity was my favorite one by far because of the fact that it was so liberating and easier and less messy than what I expected it to be. Also, the little girl in me wasn’t really satisfied with my original creation so I decided to rip it up! Which in my opinion, actually turned up to be even better than the original. It looked more abstract after I ripped it up and jumbled up/connected the pieces together. Personally, I love abstract art and finger painting and this activity was the best of both worlds which reminded me of the Graffiti Writing activity I did a couple of weeks ago. Both activities are similar in the way that they’re unorthodox in relevance to art. Both don’t require a paint brush and one of them doesn’t even use “real” paint. However, the Graffiti Writing activity was totally not abstract art because it was required for me to write my name in a certain way and use certain amount of colors whereas the finger painting activity had no requirements. Lastly, both activities proved to be very different ways of using paint to create visual experiences because they both created endless possibilities due to their easy access and diversity/flexibility.


WK 15- Extra Credit- My Feedback

So far, my top 3 favorite activities were automatic drawing, graffiti writing, and finger painting because they were fun, simple, and liberating. However, my 3 least favorite activities were vlogs, Instagram, and zines and flipbooks because I felt they were invasive, tedious, and just not my thing. Furthermore, I really appreciated that the class was on the Hybrid Format because I liked how I was able to meet my peers and interview artist and then later blog about it. It makes it more useful/significant if I write about my conversations rather than just saying it out loud. I think the Hybrid Format is so much better than full F2F format because some classes that I had to stay the full class time felt like a drag. However, if the class was fully online, I wouldn’t mind it but I don’t know how the whole classmate/artist conversation would work. Would that even be an activity anymore? In addition, when I first started this class I felt like the weekly blog post, where you posted samples of what my classmates did, were invasive/unnecessary but as weeks went by I started looking forward to seeing what my classmates did/created for the week’s activity/conversation. I really learned to appreciate those post and they were actually the highlights of your weekly blogs. Also, I’m glad that you made the ePortfolio an extra credit assignment because to me, where I am in my life right now, I don’t find it very useful/interesting. Maybe as I’ll get older and the world becomes even more technological I’ll finally make a professional ePortfolio but as of now, I think I’ll just keep my current WordPress as it is. I think I won’t even delete my WordPress after this class is finished just because I want to keep it as a reminder of the importance of having an online presence. Lastly, let’s get to what I thought of the beginning of the class was the most dreadful part of this class, the Art Talk OTW video/ discussion. Clearly, starting this class I didn’t appreciate this aspect of the class at all because I found it boring and not useful but as weeks went by I actually began to see the relevance and I’ve actually learned about many artists and about different art periods that I never knew existed before because of the art talk OTW videos. Honestly, I would hate it if the actual discussion would be in a “more interactive discussion space” because that would take ages to hear everybody’s opinion and after hearing like 10 people’s opinion no one will be paying attention anymore. It would get boring and dreadful very fast if you were to decide to change it to a more F2F discussion rather than an online conversation.



WK 14- Art Activity- Instagram

After creating a new Instagram, I posted my four pictures which consisted of things that I did that day like waking up, the classmate conversation, going back home, and hanging out with my doggies. A couple of days later, I went to go view our “Group Portrait” and I noticed the usual Instagram-worthy pics like selfies, pet pictures, artistic looking pictures, etc. Also, I noticed that a lot of people are commuters, like myself, and some of the commuters live near me because I recognized the landmarks on the pictures they posted. Furthermore, while I looking through our “Group Portrait” I was surprised when I noticed that someone had posted pictures of herself at a funeral service. Honestly, that was the last thing I would expect for someone to post and I probably wouldn’t have posted that but bravery points for whomever the person was who posted that. Lastly, the more I looked through our hashtag the more I felt like we were a community because even though I may not know the majority of the people who posted things I felt like I still can connect to their pet pictures, outfit of the day pictures, food pictures, sunset pictures, etc.

I love my handsome bubbas ❤ (Lucky, Niko, & Dino)

WK 14- Classmate Conversation- Juli Yoshinaga

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting a new classmate that goes by Juli Yoshinaga. She’s actually a third year Communication major that is double minoring in journalism and marketing. She hopes to be in the entertainment field one day and she happens to be a proud older sister and proud owner of a dog. In regards to the question of the week, we both shared a similar belief of what the college experience will be in 2036. We both agreed that for sure college would be more futuristic, think of Tomorrowland. Okay maybe not that futuristic but we both believed that college will be more technological so definitely more classes online and by then all colleges will be completely paperless, so everything will be online. Lastly, we both thought that the world will be even more materialistic than we are now and that can rub off on the college experience for students in 2036.

WK 12- Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Installations, Displays

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Down at the Dutzi Gallery, I had the pleasure of experiencing “BIO” by Sage Garver. Sage Garver. Sage Garver is a senior at CSULB pursuing a degree in the BFA Sculpture Program. She decided that her gallery should represent her body illness. She has a weak immune system and is fed up with it so naturally she decided to make her art pieces represent biological things, like white cells and skin tissue.

Upon walking in, everything seems light and airy because it is all white except the main piece. The main piece to me resembled lungs/ribs because it was hanging from the ceiling and has gold chains interlaced between the “skin tissue” that could have passed as a heart (it was actually the nucleus of a cell). Furthermore, the actual body parts such as  DNA cells and chromosomes were all white and displayed all over the walls. Almost everything there blended in with the walls with the exception of the main piece. Overall this gallery had a relaxing environment and made me feels like I was at the beach.

When speaking to Sage Garver, she said that her exhibition represented the illness that she has experienced throughout her life. She used biological forms and systems to create a sculptural and spatial experience of her everyday life from her activities to the food she eats. The main piece, however, was just there so it can be more uplifting so that they viewer won’t feel drained by all the white but after everyone started referring to it as a nucleus she decided to go with the flow and refer it as a nucleus too. As to why all the pieces are white she said that she preferred it that way because she thought it would give the audience a more sensorial experience.

I believe Sage Garver is an amazing and inspiring woman that was able to turn such an unfortunate aspect of her life into something amazingly beautiful. I appreciated how she portrayed her illness in a positive light instead of in a negative one. I liked how she decided to see the silver lining to her illness and make light of it by creating this relaxing and aesthetically pleasing exhibition. Overall, I admired her optimistic view of her life and that she was brave and vulnerable enough to share it through her artwork.



WK 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness

Artist: Caryn Aasness


Media: Fabric

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website:  N/A


This week at the Merlino Gallery, I experienced Caryn Aasness exhibition entitled “TO CALL IT CUTE IS TO MISUNDERSTAND.” Ms. Aasness is an undergrad senior, working toward her BFA in Fibers. Her exhibition is all about the fabric she put a lot of hard work into making. After graduation, she hopes to work with designing wallpapers and textiles.

Ms. Aasness entire exhibition is composed of numerous quilt-like pieces that have a hidden message. The hidden message can be found in the grid paper found next to each quilt and on the actual art piece. In order to find the hidden message on the art piece, you need to read the colored columns vertically rather than horizontally because each quilt has different colored threads and each color represents a different letter that creates a column. The main piece of the artwork is the only piece that contains a message that can be read without decoding and the message contains the title of the artwork. Lastly, the colors on each quilt are very vibrant and they have a very fall vibe to them.

According to Ms. Aasness, she uses the art pieces she creates as her platform to question/challenge the societal structures in America. Through her art, she encourages the audience to look at her art differently and to look for the hidden messages. She wants her audience to know that her art is more than just “cute”, she wants us to find what really matters in her art pieces which are the hidden messages. The idea of showing her thoughts on societal structures in America by weaving them into the fabric and creating patterns and combinations to figure out the message redesigns social norms.

At first, Ms. Aasness art piece didn’t impress me that much because I thought it was just her showing off a fall collection of scarfs or fabric that she created. I mean don’t get me wrong, creating a scarf or anything from scratch is quite impressive but I don’t find that much value in it. However, after reading the artist statement, I found out that I was very wrong. These “scarfs” that I thought she made are actually more like quilts and literally hide messages within them. I loved how the messages weren’t read in your standard left to right but actually read from top to bottom. Ms. Aasness’s work is very impressive and I loved how it the encourages the audience to engage/connect more to her artwork.

Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Emily Tomasello

This week I met Emily Tomasello. She is 20 years old and studies Fashion Merchandising at Long Beach State. In the future, she is hopeful to open her own boutiques. Furthermore, she commutes from San Pedro and her dad is from San Pedro and her mom is from Michigan. She grew up in Redondo Beach but her family moved to San Pedro to be closer to her other family. She has one older sister named Kaitlin, and three cats. Her favorite color is turquoise and enjoys hanging out with her friends and likes to go thrift shopping in her spare time. When discussing the question of the week, we shared the same opinion. We both believed that Demi Lovato was over reacting and rude because that’s the way the artist wanted to express his creativity. Demi Lovato should be grateful that someone took their time and drew such a beautiful drawing of her even if it’s not an accurate depiction of herself. Everyone interprets art differently, that’s kind of the point of art but to bash the person for drawing Demi Lovato like that is messed up and very ungrateful. Lastly, it is fan art, it isn’t meant to be an “accurate representation” of her. The whole point of fan art is to express how much you care/love that artist and how you view them.