Plaster Casting

For this activity, I did it in my backyard with my family because we had sandbags at home since we’re remodeling our backyard. Honestly, I don’t know why I thought that this activity would require a lot of work and time. Plaster casting is pretty easy and not that time consuming. However, it is best to have someone else to help you. My Dad actually helped me in mixing the plaster and pouring it into the mold of my hand. With my Dad’s help, making the mold and pouring the plaster in it only took less than 5 minutes. The waiting and removing the mold out of the bucket is where it took the longest but overall this activity was a fun and unique experience. This activity actually reminded of what I do with my friends when we go to the beach. My friends and I are broke college students who can’t afford a good spa day so in order to make it up we go to the beach and get our exfoliation on. We usually dig holes, put whichever body parts need exfoliation in said holes, massage those body parts, and then remove them and take a dip in the ocean. Sound weird and gross but knock it until you try it because it actually works. It leaves your skin so soft and most importantly it is FREE!!!!!


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