Wk 2: Classmate Conversation

For this classmate conversation, I met Adriana and this is her last semester at CSULB. She’s a biology major and works as a chemist. We both share a love for dogs but unfortunately she isn’t able to own a dog yet because of she lives in a not so animal-friendly apartment. However, she is planning to own a dog as soon as she moves out her apartment and I recommended her that she gets a small breed dog since it will be her first time owning a dog and they are the easiest to own.

Now in regards to this question of the week, at first we both agreed that art is important to the world but it isn’t very important to us. However, as we discussed what we considered art to be we both realized that we are not very into art as in paintings or sculptures but we are fond of different expressions of art like makeup and music. I noticed that we both shared a mutual love for those two art forms. She loves her winged eyeliner and I LOVE my lipstick but I only wear lipstick outside of school. Also, we both shared a favorite music artist, Drake. She’s actually going to see him at the summer fest! Must be very nice to be able to see him! So in response to the question, at first we didn’t see the value of art in our lives but as we talked more and more we began to realize that art is actually significant in our lives and for the world too because it gives us and the world inspiration and serves as on outlet for self-expression.


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