Landscapes with a Corpse

When I think of death the first thing that comes to my mind is peace, so when I heard of this activity I immediately knew that I wanted to “die” peacefully. And what better way to die peacefully than in your sleep? Creating my death was really simple because I just had to call my brother over to come take pictures of me while I slept. Whoa it just hit me how creepy that sounds!  No wonder my brother gave me his WTF face when I asked him to help me. But he still helped me so it’s all good. We actually had fun creating my death scene. Actually, now that I think back, my brother was a little too enthusiastic to help me with my death scene, it was almost like he was happy to see me lying dead? Tough love, am I right? Other than my brother’s enthusiasm to see me “dead”, my experience with this activity wasn’t as sad and scary as I expected it to be.


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