WK 3- Artist Conversation- Alvaro Alverez Salazar

20160907_144009Artist: Alvaro Alverez Salazar
Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music
Media: Canvas, Paint, Camera, Music
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: In Progress

For my first Artist Conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting this young and ambitious artist named Alvaro Alverez Salazar. Alvaro Alverez Salazar is a CSULB undergraduate student working toward his BFA degree in the School of Art’s Art History Program. Mr. Alverez Salazar moved to the U.S from Guatemala at the young age of 8. Since moving to the U.S he has learned the English language and has made his family proud because he is the first person in his family to further his education onto college level. He also stated that throughout his long and rewarding journey, music has been his biggest inspiration and always lets the music do the talking.  In fact, his art piece was supposed to be a final project for his music class however in turned into so much more.

When I first saw Mr. Alvarez Salazar’s, A Response to Classical Music, I was very intrigued because it wasn’t so two-dimensional like the rest of the of the artwork that was being displayed in different galleries. His work had many different aspects to it. For example, he had a seven-minute video playing that showed a small portion of him creating his artwork. Also, he even had the clothes and shoes that he used to create his work displayed. Lastly, he then had a canvas displayed on the floor that didn’t seem to have any form or shape to it, as in I couldn’t make out a person or object painted onto it, however, it didn’t look like someone just splattered paint onto a canvas. It looked more like someone was waltzing across the canvas which I found interesting along with the metal wire sculpture figurines provided onto his canvas.

In the summary that he provided of the art project, he stated that it wasn’t an emotional response nor is it a dance performance to the classical music he was listening to. The musical piece he was listening to was Beethoven Overture. He decided to do an overture of classical music because the music heard now a day is nothing like the overture. He wanted to go out of his comfort zone, so he listened to a variety of music genres and as soon as he heard this overture, he knew that he needed to do his artwork to this piece.  Throughout his 3 days of working on his art piece, he decided to let his body go and let the music do the work. He stated in his summary that the different movements of his were his response to the changes in classical music, he says his movements throughout the video and his way of colors, is just a “response” to the music. Lastly, he also stated that the movements he made in the video are part of the sculpture aspect of his art.

I found Alvaro Alverez Salazar to be my favorite artist for this week because of how abstract and unconventional his artwork is. Like I mentioned before, his art piece wasn’t two-dimensional like the others, his had many layers to it and I’m glad that he decided to share all those layers with his audience. I think that is what made him unique this week. Also, as a fellow music enthusiast, I love how he created his artwork as a response to music, more specifically, classical music. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of classical music except maybe when I see YouTube videos of The Piano Guys because they put a classical twist to modern day songs and I totally love that but that is as classical as I’ll get. However, I still congratulate and applaud Mr. Alverez Salazar for his hard work and dedication to his amazing art piece.



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