WK 3- Classmate Conversation- Ana Gomez

This week I spoke to Ana Gomez and we’re both second year Psychology majors. She has two siblings, one older brother and one younger brother. We’re both the only girls in our families and we both come from parents who immigrated to the U.S. Her mother is Honduran and her father immigrated from Mexico to the U.S when he was just 17 years old. Her mother and father both are educated, her mother went to college and her father finished elementary school and started working at a company for 30 plus years before they shut it down. She is currently working at Domino’s pizza and we both love Beyonce. Another thing we both share in common is on our view on the importance of art. We both believe that if art wasn’t in today’s society, there would be no outlet to self-express and the world would be so bleak without art. Also, she feels like music is the type of art that has influenced her the most and has shaped her into who she is because she can relate to so many songs and how she has been stuck in those situations. It just helps her express herself especially when she sings, although they may not be her lyrics, she can relate to them a lot. Lastly, music helps her get through tough times and realize there’s always something better coming her way.



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