WK 4- Art Activity- Automatic Drawing

20160918_111601For this week’s art activity, I decided to get the help of my brother who is a Graphic Design major at CSULB. I thought that he would enjoy this activity since he’s an artist but I was so wrong. He hated the activity! He found this activity “pointless” and “it isn’t going to teach anything about drawing.” Also, he didn’t even want to use both hands because he felt that with one hand is enough which was not! He actually broke the black pastel because of his insistence¬†of only using one hand. But anyways what actually matters is that I enjoyed the activity because last semester I did something similar for a class assignment but it was on a much smaller scale. Also, that assignment that I did didn’t have any color, it was just done with pencil. So that made me really like the end result of this automatic drawing. However, one thing I would change is that I would have used my other brother instead of the one I used. This is the last time I use this brother to help me out with art activities for this class.


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