WK 6- Art Activity- Zines & Flip Books

For this activity, I had the option of making a zine or a flip book. I decided to make a flipbook because it seemed more fun and it was, but it wasn’t fun trying to record the flip book in action. But then I realized that you can’t upload videos so I just took pictures of it instead. Also, I made my flip book on pink post-it notes because I tried doing them on index card but it was awkward trying to flip stapled index cards. I decided to title my flip book “Freddie the Hungry Beast.” The flip book is about Freddie’s (a shark) journey to catch his prey (two fishes) so that he can finally tame his “hungry beast.” Freddie is swimming as fast as he can so that he can catch his prey but in the end, his prey is too fast for him. Freddie is still unable to tame his “hungry beast” and continues to search for food.


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