WK 8- Art Activity- Sketching in the Garden

This week I went to CSULB’s Japanese Garden for the second time since I’ve attended Long Beach State.  For this week’s art activity blog, I chose to share my experience and drawings for the 10 30 -second sketches (upper left picture), 5-minute sketch (upper right picture), and the 5-minute contour drawing of my hand (bottom picture). For the 10 30-second sketches, it was fun and entertaining trying to find ten things that are easy enough to draw in 30-seconds. After about 6 of those little sketches, I actually struggled to find the remaining amount of sketches I needed and had to ask people around me to see what they were drawing. For the 5-minute sketch, I knew immediately what I wanted to draw. However, due to my lack of artistic skills, my sketch didn’t come out to be as amazing as other people’s sketches that I saw but it was still very relaxing and peaceful to draw such a beautiful scene. Furthermore, I saved my favorite drawing for last, I love how it came out especially for a blind contour drawing. Once I got the flow of not looking at the paper when I was sketching my hand, I was able to finish the front of my hand in under 2 minutes which inspired me to do the palm side of my hand and for some reason, I feel like those two blind contour drawings came out better than the sketches I did when I was looking at the paper.


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