WK 8-Classmate Conversation-Malina Im

While I was sketchiimg_19141ng in the garden, I had to pleasure of getting to know Malina Im. Like me, she is also a sophomore at CSULB. However, she is a part-time student majoring in business marketing and at the moment she is working in retail. She also enjoys going to the beach, scrap booking, drinking coffee, and loves furry animals especially cats, dogs, and pandas. Another fun fact about her is that she loves going to Target because they have the cutest things ever (I know right). Target is so spot on with the things they have! Furthermore, in response to the question of the week, she felt like sharing a ceramic vase that she created in middle school because she has a passion for ceramics. She feels that out of all the ways one can create art, ceramics is her favorite because it involves using her hands and to her it feels relaxing. The reason is sharing her ceramic vase is because she believes others should experience working with ceramics because she truly believes it’s one of the more outgoing ways to create something.


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