WK 10- Art Activity- Fiber Art Social Network

When I hear the term “Social Network” I have been conditioned to think about the online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace. It is rare for me to relate my real life friends to my “Social Network” friends even though I sometimes communicate with them through social media. I guess the reason why I distinguished my real life friends with my “Social Network” friends is because my real life friends I see them on daily basis therefore making my bond with them stronger unlike the ones on social media who I rarely see face to face. Furthermore, I think that Dunbar’s Number is still high because I value quality over quantity when it comes to people that I want to be friends with. The same thought of quality over quantity can be applied to those people who have 1,000 and up Facebook “friends” because there’s no way one person can be close to 1,000 and up friends. I don’t even think the word “friend” can be applied in that situation, it’s more like acquaintances. You may just have them for occasions like maybe you want to go out and this person is always going to parties so let me talk to them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that “friends” like that serve for connection purposes. In addition, when I was creating my own personal Social Network I was surprised that only a handful of people came to my head, I had to look in my phone contacts to see who else I was missing. Also, I had the same issue when I was doing the Art110 Social Network on Wednesday, after about 3 people I couldn’t remember who else I had connected with and was surprised when I found out about the other people I had talked to in class. Additionally, my Personal Number to have meaningful relationships would be between 10-20 people. Lastly, on Facebook I have close to 500 friends but in reality I don’t even talk to the majority of them but I once talked to my old elementary best friend who found me on Facebook and through her I found the rest of my elementary class and we created a Facebook group where we all update each other with what’s going on in our lives.20161030_173109


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