Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Emily Tomasello

This week I met Emily Tomasello. She is 20 years old and studies Fashion Merchandising at Long Beach State. In the future, she is hopeful to open her own boutiques. Furthermore, she commutes from San Pedro and her dad is from San Pedro and her mom is from Michigan. She grew up in Redondo Beach but her family moved to San Pedro to be closer to her other family. She has one older sister named Kaitlin, and three cats. Her favorite color is turquoise and enjoys hanging out with her friends and likes to go thrift shopping in her spare time. When discussing the question of the week, we shared the same opinion. We both believed that Demi Lovato was over reacting and rude because that’s the way the artist wanted to express his creativity. Demi Lovato should be grateful that someone took their time and drew such a beautiful drawing of her even if it’s not an accurate depiction of herself. Everyone interprets art differently, that’s kind of the point of art but to bash the person for drawing Demi Lovato like that is messed up and very ungrateful. Lastly, it is fan art, it isn’t meant to be an “accurate representation” of her. The whole point of fan art is to express how much you care/love that artist and how you view them.



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