WK 12- Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Installations, Displays

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Down at the Dutzi Gallery, I had the pleasure of experiencing “BIO” by Sage Garver. Sage Garver. Sage Garver is a senior at CSULB pursuing a degree in the BFA Sculpture Program. She decided that her gallery should represent her body illness. She has a weak immune system and is fed up with it so naturally she decided to make her art pieces represent biological things, like white cells and skin tissue.

Upon walking in, everything seems light and airy because it is all white except the main piece. The main piece to me resembled lungs/ribs because it was hanging from the ceiling and has gold chains interlaced between the “skin tissue” that could have passed as a heart (it was actually the nucleus of a cell). Furthermore, the actual body parts such as  DNA cells and chromosomes were all white and displayed all over the walls. Almost everything there blended in with the walls with the exception of the main piece. Overall this gallery had a relaxing environment and made me feels like I was at the beach.

When speaking to Sage Garver, she said that her exhibition represented the illness that she has experienced throughout her life. She used biological forms and systems to create a sculptural and spatial experience of her everyday life from her activities to the food she eats. The main piece, however, was just there so it can be more uplifting so that they viewer won’t feel drained by all the white but after everyone started referring to it as a nucleus she decided to go with the flow and refer it as a nucleus too. As to why all the pieces are white she said that she preferred it that way because she thought it would give the audience a more sensorial experience.

I believe Sage Garver is an amazing and inspiring woman that was able to turn such an unfortunate aspect of her life into something amazingly beautiful. I appreciated how she portrayed her illness in a positive light instead of in a negative one. I liked how she decided to see the silver lining to her illness and make light of it by creating this relaxing and aesthetically pleasing exhibition. Overall, I admired her optimistic view of her life and that she was brave and vulnerable enough to share it through her artwork.




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