WK 14- Art Activity- Instagram

After creating a new Instagram, I posted my four pictures which consisted of things that I did that day like waking up, the classmate conversation, going back home, and hanging out with my doggies. A couple of days later, I went to go view our “Group Portrait” and I noticed the usual Instagram-worthy pics like selfies, pet pictures, artistic looking pictures, etc. Also, I noticed that a lot of people are commuters, like myself, and some of the commuters live near me because I recognized the landmarks on the pictures they posted. Furthermore, while I looking through our “Group Portrait” I was surprised when I noticed that someone had posted pictures of herself at a funeral service. Honestly, that was the last thing I would expect for someone to post and I probably wouldn’t have posted that but bravery points for whomever the person was who posted that. Lastly, the more I looked through our hashtag the more I felt like we were a community because even though I may not know the majority of the people who posted things I felt like I still can connect to their pet pictures, outfit of the day pictures, food pictures, sunset pictures, etc.

I love my handsome bubbas ❤ (Lucky, Niko, & Dino)

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