WK 14- Classmate Conversation- Juli Yoshinaga

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting a new classmate that goes by Juli Yoshinaga. She’s actually a third year Communication major that is double minoring in journalism and marketing. She hopes to be in the entertainment field one day and she happens to be a proud older sister and proud owner of a dog. In regards to the question of the week, we both shared a similar belief of what the college experience will be in 2036. We both agreed that for sure college would be more futuristic, think of Tomorrowland. Okay maybe not that futuristic but we both believed that college will be more technological so definitely more classes online and by then all colleges will be completely paperless, so everything will be online. Lastly, we both thought that the world will be even more materialistic than we are now and that can rub off on the college experience for students in 2036.


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