WK 15- Art Activity- Finger Painting

This week’s activity was finger painting, YAY! I haven’t done that in well since I was a little girl. Overall, I felt like this activity was my favorite one by far because of the fact that it was so liberating and easier and less messy than what I expected it to be. Also, the little girl in me wasn’t really satisfied with my original creation so I decided to rip it up! Which in my opinion, actually turned up to be even better than the original. It looked more abstract after I ripped it up and jumbled up/connected the pieces together. Personally, I love abstract art and finger painting and this activity was the best of both worlds which reminded me of the Graffiti Writing activity I did a couple of weeks ago. Both activities are similar in the way that they’re unorthodox in relevance to art. Both don’t require a paint brush and one of them doesn’t even use “real” paint. However, the Graffiti Writing activity was totally not abstract art because it was required for me to write my name in a certain way and use certain amount of colors whereas the finger painting activity had no requirements. Lastly, both activities proved to be very different ways of using paint to create visual experiences because they both created endless possibilities due to their easy access and diversity/flexibility.


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