WK 15- Extra Credit- My Feedback

So far, my top 3 favorite activities were automatic drawing, graffiti writing, and finger painting because they were fun, simple, and liberating. However, my 3 least favorite activities were vlogs, Instagram, and zines and flipbooks because I felt they were invasive, tedious, and just not my thing. Furthermore, I really appreciated that the class was on the Hybrid Format because I liked how I was able to meet my peers and interview artist and then later blog about it. It makes it more useful/significant if I write about my conversations rather than just saying it out loud. I think the Hybrid Format is so much better than full F2F format because some classes that I had to stay the full class time felt like a drag. However, if the class was fully online, I wouldn’t mind it but I don’t know how the whole classmate/artist conversation would work. Would that even be an activity anymore? In addition, when I first started this class I felt like the weekly blog post, where you posted samples of what my classmates did, were invasive/unnecessary but as weeks went by I started looking forward to seeing what my classmates did/created for the week’s activity/conversation. I really learned to appreciate those post and they were actually the highlights of your weekly blogs. Also, I’m glad that you made the ePortfolio an extra credit assignment because to me, where I am in my life right now, I don’t find it very useful/interesting. Maybe as I’ll get older and the world becomes even more technological I’ll finally make a professional ePortfolio but as of now, I think I’ll just keep my current WordPress as it is. I think I won’t even delete my WordPress after this class is finished just because I want to keep it as a reminder of the importance of having an online presence. Lastly, let’s get to what I thought of the beginning of the class was the most dreadful part of this class, the Art Talk OTW video/ discussion. Clearly, starting this class I didn’t appreciate this aspect of the class at all because I found it boring and not useful but as weeks went by I actually began to see the relevance and I’ve actually learned about many artists and about different art periods that I never knew existed before because of the art talk OTW videos. Honestly, I would hate it if the actual discussion would be in a “more interactive discussion space” because that would take ages to hear everybody’s opinion and after hearing like 10 people’s opinion no one will be paying attention anymore. It would get boring and dreadful very fast if you were to decide to change it to a more F2F discussion rather than an online conversation.




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